• 2009 MINI Cooper

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  • Oct 2023
    Well I happy with how cheap it is to run and the power it has when you pass a car
    —paul B - 2009 Mini Cooper
  • Jun 2023
    cute peppy car
    —Gregory W - 2009 Mini Cooper S CABRIO 6A 3DR 1.6L
  • May 2022
    Love my car
    —Angela H - 2009 Mini Cooper S Clubman
  • Dec 2021
    A fine car.
    —Simon W - 2009 MINI Cooper S John Cooper Works
  • Nov 2021
    cannot fault it , surprised it had big gas tank for little car , and a little gas goes a long way in this
    —Lisa J - 2009 Mini cooper cooper s
  • Apr 2021
    We are Mini aficionados since our first cars in the 1970's and are replacing a 2002 car. The Mini Cooper Clubman is somewhat quirky and perfect for us with easy access load space, leg room front and back, and social events with our Mini owners. We are looking forward to using the car.
    —MICHAEL M - 2009 Mini Cooper
  • Feb 2021
    Peppy car! Very tidy
    —PAUL JOBIN LIMITED - 2009 Mini Cooper S 1.6 Turbo
  • Jan 2021
    We are extremely happy with the vehicle, the performance and appearance are really good and we are very happy with our purchase,
    —Jon S - 2009 Mini Cooper S Coupe
  • Dec 2020
    Love it
    —LISA-JAYNE R - 2009 MINI Cooper NZ NEW Fresh Service
  • Nov 2020
    THE Mini Copper S was a classic. Happy with the driving performance and it's features.
    —Ryan Q - 2009 MINI Cooper S
  • Sep 2020
    Great wee car and loads of fun! Always smiling when we drive it.
    —Andrea G - 2009 Mini Cooper S CABRIO 6A 3DR 1.6L
  • May 2020
    Very nice car, would recommend others as well
    —Nirbhai B - 2009 Mini Cooper
  • Mar 2020
    My first car was a 1968 Mini. I had it for thirteen years. I still love the way the front wheel drive makes driving so much fun. Of course, this Mini has loads more power which is safer on today’s roads driving amongst larger vehicles. And looks pretty cool!
    —Rosemary S - 2009 Mini COOPER S
  • Oct 2019
    We think it is such a funky wee car. It goes well and is economical to run.
    —Alison L - 2009 Mini Cooper 1.4L Fuel efficient
  • Oct 2019
    Very pleased with the car
    —Geoffrey S - 2009 MINI Cooper
  • Aug 2019
    It has a stunning interior and is fantastic and easy to drive! I LOVE IT
    —Aaron R - 2009 Mini Cooper S
  • May 2019
    Good car, all good, very zippy little mini
    —Carl C - 2009 BMW Mini Cooper Club Man
  • Nov 2018
    Fun drive ( manual), economical, lovely build quality.
    —Melissa M - 2009 Mini Cooper Manual
  • Jul 2018
    Beautiful wee machine
    —Jeremy B - 2009 Mini Cooper S
  • Jul 2018
    Excellent vehicle! Love it!!
    —Tina D - 2009 Mini Cooper S SIDEWALK


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