• 2014 Toyota VOXY

    22 customer reviews
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Comment Highlights (7)

  • Mar 2024
    Have plenty of space. Nice car!
    —Lei L - 2014 Toyota Voxy ZS
  • Jan 2024
    Great vehicle to have if you are a family of 2 kids or more. Luxurious space and high comfort.
    —Brian V - 2014 Toyota Voxy Hybrid with 7 Seater !
  • Dec 2023
    I like this car very much for its slick appearance, spacious interior, and modern features.
    —Yuri V - 2014 Toyota Voxy HYBRID X
  • Oct 2023
    Excellent family vehicle, fuel efficient and lots of space for a family of 7.
    —Vanessa C - 2014 Toyota VOXY
  • Aug 2023
    Its good very comfortable
    —Emil C - 2014 Toyota Voxy
  • Jun 2023
    Toyota Voxy is very good car and has plenty of storage and safe driving
    —TAWAN K - 2014 Toyota Voxy 1.8V HYBRID 3YearWarrantyFree
  • Nov 2022
    Amazing Vehicle. Still getting to know it but every time we find something new of the vehicle, we like it even more
    —Sandra S - 2014 Toyota Voxy HYBRID X


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